Corrective Maintenance


ACEC Corrective Maintenance

Activities performed because of equipment or system failure. Activities are directed toward the restoration of an item to its original or intended level of performance. Sometimes it is called breakdown maintenance and this type of maintenance will as much as possible be avoided by our Preventative Maintenance Program.

  • ACEC will guarantee the availability of a suitable maintenance staff for immediate intervention on 24 hrs/day basis.
  • The availability of the necessary spare part is always ACEC’s┬áresponsibility.
  • All work will be carried out in accordance with previously agreed quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures.
  • ACEC will seek approval from JGC, prior to the work commencing.
  • ACEC will seek approval from JGC, prior to any work that are out with equipment standards, certification and/or codes of practice.
  • On compilation of work, ACEC will execute all function/proving tests on machinery/equipment. AJGC representative will be informed prior to and may witness such tests.

These conditions will apply to any number of repairs for building, facilities and utility systems required above and beyond the preventive maintenance work and minor repairs such as:

  • Vibration monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Lube oil analysis
  • Fuel gas metering calibration
  • Boiler efficiency tests
  • Motor current signature analysis