Materials Management/Warehousing


ACEC Construction Management Services

ACEC’s construction management is dedicated to advanced project execution and best practices with a focus on project delivery. Our team is focused on operational excellence and providing safe and on-time delivery of every project. By applying people, processes and technology in order to successfully implement first-of-a-kind projects. ACEC will provide resources for any project size, from pre-FEED studies to start-up and operation through D&D. Construction management through ACEC includes:

  • Health and safety training
  • Standard operations procedures training
  • Technical training
  • Innovation and technology development
  • Fabrication and testing of bench/pilot-scale systems and facilities
  • Safety analysis and design certification
  • Site installation and commissioning of prototype facilities
  • Scale-up to world-class commercial facilities

ACEC’s construction management is devoted to reducing costs, variability and risk and encourages continuous learning and improvement from project to project and across businesses, improving performance. Our knowledge of construction, supervision and capability retention works to improve execution and the ability to create value from supplier knowledge and innovation. The ACEC team has access to quality resources/equipment enterprise in competitive markets, making the most from equipment enterprise frame agreements by developing closer, more collaborative working relationships with contractors.

Material and Spare Part Management

ACEC manages autonomously and with full responsibility, all Materials associated with the execution of any Work. ACEC’s responsibilities will include but will not be limited to the procurement. handling and storage of Spare Parts for utilities and facilities and consumables for operation.

As a minimum, ACEC will :

  • Ensure adequate organization structure for Materials Management
  • Provide computer based system(s) to support the materials management process (procurement, financial matters, stock control and warehouse management)
  • Prepare a complete coded list of Spare Parts and incorporate an asset tag management system
  • Identify the Materials that are readily available from the local market and those have long delivery time
  • Set stock levels for all materials.

Spare parts, after which ACEC will optimize and manage:

  • Procure in advance the long lead items and store them in a storage room to maintain the minimum stock level deemed necessary
  • Promptly replace any material utilized for maintenance needs in order to respect the stated minimum level of stock
  • Procure the Spare parts and consumables
  • Arrange any necessary import authorization (temporary and permanent)
  • Store, supply and manage the Spare Parts, lubricants, consumables (including those required for the operability of their tools, such as drills, test instruments and vehicles/cars)

All Spare parts for preventive maintenance will be supplied by ACEC and included in utilities operation and maintenance Work on cost plus 7.5% basis. ACEC will purchase, in accordance with contract clauses, any spare part identified as being required to perform the Work.

ACEC will be responsible for the preservation of Spare Parts that are held to ensure their condition is “fit for Work” when required. ACEC will ensure that suitable preservation procedures are in place for this. ACEC will also provide preservation measures for equipment under this scope in accordance with vendor recommendations and requirements.

Scheduling and Cost control

ACEC will implement a scheduling and cost control system to manage the activities associated with the work.

Scheduling will include, but will not be limited to. the preparation and maintenance of:

  • An overall project schedule showing the preparation and mobilization activities for the work, including the supply management process necessary to put in place all commitments with suppliers and subs for ACECs, where such commitments are intended to be renewed during the duration of the work. this will be indicated on the schedule.
  • Monthly schedules of activities listed in the scope of work and planned for performance during the scheduled month
  • Weekly activity schedules showing the programmed activities for the scheduled week

ACEC will produce a monthly cost report showing the cost forecast and expenditures accruing against the various parts of the scope of work. These will be split to show cost forecast and expenditures against agreed scope of work items and cost forecast and expenditures against approved variations to the work.

Technical and Corporate Support

ACEC will provide comprehensive technical support, incorporating engineering support for the utilities and technical systems. This technical support systems must support the maintenance strategy of total productive maintenance (TPM) which focuses on maintaining the overall system function (rather than on the maintenance of individual equipment) whilst taking into account safety, environmental, cost. legislation and reliability requirements of the systems to produce an auditable and balanced maintenance program.

The comprehensive technical support will include. but will not be limited to:

  • Provision of technical and engineering support for preventive and corrective maintenance of utilities systems covered under the scope of work
  • Provision of specialist sub-ACECs who are experts in their field or original equipment manufacturers to augment this Work
  • Maintain detailed records of all equipment and Materials which are under warranty by

the original supplier and coordinate with vendors as needed

Management System

ACEC will develop all strategies and procedures as given below which are required to safely operate the facilities. These will be developed in conjunction with the suppliers and vendors of the equipment and systems.

  • Operation and maintenance strategy
  • Operations manual
  • Operating procedures
  • Maintenance and Inspection procedures
  • Warranty coordination with vendors

The review and adoption of these will be included in ACEC’s mobilization and execution plan.