E-Commerce and Trading House



Our eSourcing suite encompasses a Request For Information (RFI) tool for quick and easy vendor discovery; a Request for Proposal (RFP) tool for more in-depth supply market investigations; and an eAuction (Dynamic Bidding) suite with a selection of formats, and a technology design which allows granular bidding on number of items simultaneously – ideal for complex situations such as freight and logistics negotiations, produce auctions and many other situations where individual lots comprise multiple components.

Our contract management suite has unique contract discovery capabilities and is available in multiple language formats. Aside from the usual notifications and reporting, our fully automated discovery engine is designed to replace the practice of leaving contracts in enterprise silos and ensures that the Contract Manager is operating from the most comprehensive and relevant set of information.

Strategic Sourcing Outline

Trading House as a Procurement Channel

ACEC sourcing is a procurement channel where a 3rd Party is utilized to purchase low risk, very low value (<$100K) goods and services from many different small suppliers. An ACEC sourcing will source from many distributors, suppliers and, in some cases, manufacturers and offer a broad range of materials and services to the customer. An ACEC sourcing should charge a “fee” for their “services” and would pass through the cost of the material and/or service “at cost”. Transparency on the cost of the material and/or service sourced is vital.

Sourcing Process Trading House

ACEC sourcing is integrated with our customers. We strive to always bring you the finest service and professionalism every time. ACEC delivers benefits across your businesses, CP and Fin Ops by reducing the number of suppliers dealt with directly, eliminating manual processes. We ensure that the most efficient, simplified, standardized and automated procurement process for low risk spend (<$100K) is applied while balancing supply and demand for CP resources. We reduce end to end costs and secure value improvement for your business by leveraging the ACEC sourcing expertise and purchasing volume. Finally, ACEC manages risk, ensures compliance, protects your company reputation and enables local content (from 1st and 2nd tier suppliers).

Some benefits of sourcing through ACEC are:

  • Reduced work time for our customers
  • Enables large corporations to work alongside smaller companies with efficiency
  • Reduced transaction cost for our customers
  • bridges gaps in the terms and conditions for our customers
  • reduces supplier could for our customers
  • increases the speed of purchasing for turnaround purchasing needs

Purchase Order and Contract Scope

The ACEC sourcing vendor will forward (via email) all purchase order requests over $100,000 to the CP Focal. If the purchase order does not meet the approved ACEC Sourcing criteria, the CP Focal or ACEC Sourcing PM will contact the requestor to advise him/her that the material or service cannot be procured through the ACEC Sourcing. If the material has been signed off by the applicable category manager, then the CP focal or ACEC sourcing PM will further approve. The CP focal or ACEC sourcing PM will then advise the ACEC sourcing vendor (via email) of the approval or rejection of the purchase order.

The general scope of this agreement shall be for ACEC to perform as a primary ACEC Sourcing for minor services (and relevant materials only) by facilitating transactions between company and vendors, mainly original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), for the provision of service engineers on a call off basis.

International and Local Vendor Policy

For local vendors, ACEC will:

  • —Provide sourcing services for Engineering Services, Catalyst and Chemicals, Maintenance & Turnaround and Corporate teams. This contract shall only be used for QSGTL
  • —Arrange for transportation of Vendor personnel from Vendor Premises to Worksite
  • —Coordinate with Company focal point to book induction dates for Vendor personnel at Worksite. Arrange for gate passes if required.
  • —Coordinate payment and close-out with Vendor

For international vendors, ACEC will:

  • Coordinate with Vendor on date of arrival to mobilize on Worksite ready for work (all related transportation of Vendor Personnel and Vendor Items included)
  • Arrange for business visas for Vendor Personnel when and if required by Vendor.
  • Arrange for RLIC passes
  • Arrange flights and accommodation in Company-approved hotels for Vendor Personnel

Trading House Process Outline and Benefits Summary

—Trading house through ACEC generally:

  • Saves 10-80% on direct costs associated with inhouse execution of procurement and spot sourcing
  • —Enables risk free, easy and fast deployment of low frequency purchases of goods and services (24 hour service level is typical)
  • —Commonly used with low risk low value contracts
  • —When used for medium – high risk contracts, additional diligence provided to ensure a safe and cost effective solution is built (i.e. – engineering review, HSSE risk evaluation etc.)
  • Typical Thresholds are:
    • Up to 5 k USD for single sourcing – (Flat Fee, lower %)
    • 50 k USD including mark-up for competitive sourcing (OEM included)
    • Business end users will ensure proper transaction control is used in order to authorize payments.
    • ACEC’s focal point: account specific sourcing professionals with back up 24/7, ideal for shut down, major maintenance and turn around support.