Manpower Services


Maintenance Strategies and Management

Maintenance strategies

The maintenance strategy will be based on the principles of total productive maintenances (TPM) which focuses on maintaining the overall system function rather than on the maintenance of individual equipment whilst taking into account safety, environmental, cost, legislation and reliability requirements of the systems to produce an auditable and balanced maintenance program.

TPM is a philosophy of continuous improvement that seeks to achieve zero breakdowns and zero defects through proper equipment maintenance and sustained operator involvement. TPM involves collective participation between operations and maintenance. The objective is to teach the operators how to maintain their equipment by performing daily checks and lubrication, replacing worn and damaged parts, performing minor repairs and detecting abnormal conditions before a breakdown or loss occurs.

The standard program involves:

  • Initial cleaning
  • Prevention of contamination
  • Develop cleaning and lubrication standards
  • Conduct thorough overall inspection
  • Develop maintenance standards
  • Develop process quality assurance plan
  • Supervision and continuous improvement

The maintenance tasks and frequencies for these system should be allocated following strategy decision process, which takes into account the following factors:

  • Generic maintenance strategies
  • Reliability centred maintenance result specific to the system
  • Condition monitoring strategy
  • Statutory requirements applicable to the system

Planned Maintenance Routines

ACEC will develop planned maintenance routines (PMR’s) and condition monitoring (CM) PMR’s in line with the maintenance strategy. ACEC will review, adopt, implement and maintain the PMR’s.¬†The PMR’s will include listings for all the resources, including manpower, tools, special equipment and spare parts required to carry out the appropriate tasks identified.¬†First line maintenance will be identified in a similar manner for ACEC personnel and this will be referenced using PMR’s.