Staff Health and Safety Regulations


Staff Welfare

ACEC will ensure that all staff that provide Services at the site, both own staff and subcontracted staff, have received necessary training and health and safety knowledge, to correctly perform their tasks before starting work at the client’s premises. ACEC includes within its prices, the following concepts related to workers

Performing Services:

  • Payment of salaries
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation to and from the work location daily
  • Food allowanceS
  • Medical Insurance
  • Air tickets for vacation leave
  • Renewal of visas and residencies
  • Uniforms

ACEC and SubACEC Employee Job Description

Performing tasks as defined in the Contract Schedules, while maintaining good appearance of all public areas within the client’s premises:

  • Correctly completing all required tasks for the daily working requirements
  • Ensuring all health and safety aspects of cleaning operations are followed correctly. Health and Safety is KEY to our company philosophy.
  • All employees must wear their uniforms in the correct, approved fashion as indicated by ACEC Management, and must assure their uniforms are clean at all times.
  • All employees must maintain ACEC and Client standards of appearance, personal hygiene, and behavior at all times.
  • Maintain the Client’s policy regarding pleasantness and courteousness in treatment of building users at all times.

Uniformity and Personal Protective Equipment

Regarding, uniforms, ACEC proposes different models of uniforms for each of the services provided at the Facilities.

ACEC has specific PPE for each different task and for all the employees:

  • ACEC will ensure that all staff are visually observed regularly throughout each shift to ensure that they are following established hygiene practices, and they will be clean and wear a clean uniform at all times.
  • We provide each member of staff with 3 sets of uniforms per year.
  • Suitable shoes are uniform and will also be supplied by the company for all employees. Replacement of shoes as needed, ensuring that footwear is in good condition and maintainance.
  • Staff working in specialized areas be supplied with protective footwear adhering to same conditions maintenance and replacement.

ACEC uniforms generally include the following: 

  • Personal Identification Badges (RFID)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Health and Safety (HSE)

Uniforms can be modified per client requirements.

Health and Safety (HSE)

Health and Safety is a key component to achieving our vision and values. We are committed to ensuring we create a culture where “safety first” is fostered and in doing so, we work towards our goal that no one gets injured as part of our aim to be the Preferred Employer in our industry.

The following is a summary of the most important parts of our Health and Safety Program and Policies and Procedures. Our belief in HSE as a central part of our operations is demonstrated through having a fulltime HSE manager dedicated to the services we provide.

Employees working within our company also have responsibilities in Health and Safety and are to ensure that they:

  • Use all required personal protective equipment where indicated
  • Decline to operate any machinery or equipment without proper instruction as to safety
  • Report unsafe conditions or hazards to their supervisors promptly
  • Follow all company safety procedures and practices
  • Promptly report all injuries and incidents
  • Supervisors and managers commit to take ownership of their areas of responsibility
  • Accepting direct responsibility and accountability for matters relating to health and safety for employees they supervise directly or through other Managers and Supervisors
  • Informing themselves of their duties and obligations under all relevant Health and safety legislation
  • Active visible support for the employees
  • Ensuring that staff use Personal Protective Equipment in addition to following all safety procedure and practices
  • Ensuring training in use of equipment, chemicals, and operating procedures, and handling of hazardous
  • Ensuring that ACECs, suppliers, vendors, and any other visitors adhere to ACEC policies
  • Reviewing accident investigation and analysis results for use in prevention
  • Assisting any injured staff to the fullest possible extent
  • Continuously improving our program and
  • Every staff member must understand the importance of safety

The Health and Safety Program

ACEC designs a health and safety program according to local laws and health and safety regulations for each site it services. This program is designed to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. A health and safety program must include all elements required by the health and safety legislation as a minimum.

The following list includes all processes contemplated in the Health & Safety Occupational Program:

  • Policy Statement
  • Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment by Job Role
  • Orientation and Training
  • Audits, Inspections and Job Observations
  • Incident Reporting
  • First Aid
  • Accident Investigations
  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee(s)
  • Return to Work Program
  • Records and Statistics
  • Hazards and Safe Work Procedures