About Us



We are a primary facilities management company headquartered in Qatar and we are currently offering our maintenance services to Golden Bay Tower and Transport Tower. We specialize in building envelope services, strategic sourcing and an array of procurement services, ensuring our clients’ needs are met using modernized materials management, trading house, construction, installation, repair and sourcing techniques.

Our staff consists of architects, engineers, SCM practitioners, certified, licensed and bonded technicians along with countless other procurement and facilities management professionals who are dedicated to your company and its needs. ACEC consistently treats our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the community with honesty, dignity, fairness and respect, conducting our business with the highest ethical standards.

Our Mission

ACEC is a corporation run out of the beautiful Pearl-Qatar, dedicated to assisting customers with a variety of facilities management needs, including building maintenance and repair, product instillation, environmentally-safe solutions to natural problems, RFID track and trace technologies, strategic sourcing, trading house and much more. ACEC’s facilities management professionals will work alongside your business to develop best practice solutions for all your facility maintenance, corporate and procurement needs.

Capabilities and Scope Alignment

Buildings and Utilities Maintenance Personnel 

ACEC will provide but not limited to the day to day operation and maintenance of buildings, Common Amenity Areas and Common Utility Areas and associated utilities type systems.

The operation and maintenance resources will include but is not limited to:

  • Mechanical
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical
  • Civil/Landscaping/Irrigation/Gardeners
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Painting
  • Motor vehicle personnel
  • General inspection

The resources allocated to operation and maintenance will be competent in the operation and maintenance of all systems associated with the utilities. At times of high workload or when carrying out work of a specialist nature, ACEC will ensure that additional resources and specialist vendors are made available. ACEC will provide dedicated operation and maintenance personnel to be on-site and will perform all day to day maintenance and repair work. All materials and spare parts required in the performance of Work and repairs will be stored in the storage room.

ACEC’s Overview of Best-In-Class Facility Improvement and Operations



Below Industry Average

Industry Average

Above Industry Average

Best in Class


Highly fragmented, site-based decisions.

Fragmented purchase decisions. Some coordination across sites.

Division-based purchasing decisions. Some coordination across divisions.

Regional-based purchasing decisions. Some company-wide coordination.

Centralized or center-led purchasing decisions. Enterprise-wide coordination.


No standard procedures or metrics.

Purchase procedures formalized at local level. Performance measured on an ad-hoc basis.

Purchase procedures formalized at divisional level. Some standard metrics used by division.

Purchase procedures and metrics standardized at division or regional basis.

Purchase procedures & metrics standardized enterprise-wide.


No visibility into spend. No knowledge of supplier markets.

Limited visibility into spend. Limited knowledge of local supply markets.

Visibility into spend on category basis. Knowledge of regional supply markets.

Visibility into spend at the supplier level. Knowledge of regional supply markets.

Visibility into spend at detailed level. Knowledge of global supply markets.


No automation. Manual processes. No supplier coordination.

Limited automation. Phone, fax-based collaboration with suppliers.

Back-office procurement. Function-focused automation. Select processes automated. E-mail and some EDI collaboration.

Combination of back-office, EDI and Web-based enterprise-focused automation. Key processes connected.

Web-based enterprise-focused automation. Complete TCM lifecycle integrated. EDI, XML, and Web-based collaboration.

Spend Under Management

Little, if any, spend controlled by procurement group (<25%)

25-33% of spend controlled by procurement group. Opportunistic coverage.

33-66% of spend controlled by procurement group. Focus on strategic spend categories.

66-85% of spend controlled by procurement group. Some coverage beyond strategic.

>85% of spend controlled by procurement group. Control of strategic & non-strategic categories.

Facilities Management 

The continuous planning, monitoring, procurement, operating and management process of all physical assets and their associated support work, is to achieve and sustain the optimum environment quality and efficiency, to allow the facilities to function at an optimum level. ACEC will also provide all managerial, supervisory and skilled labor of a high standard of experience and responsibility to ensure Work to the highest International standard.

This will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Overall facilities management work and associated management and support personnel
  • SHE&S
  • Provision of Management Sytems and Procedures and their subsequent Implimentation
  • Procurement, expediting, and subcontract management
  • Planning and Cost Control
  • Logisitics associated with Facilities Managmenet
  • Human Resources, Training and Competency
  • Contract Management and performance reporting, KPI
  • Warranty Management

Facilities include but are not limited too:

  • Roads and pavements including signs, ditches, fencing, markings
  • Buildings and foundations including building utility systems and furnishings
  • Outdoor facilities including sport complex
  • Outdoor Lighting system
  • Grounding and Lighting Protection

ACEC’s operating maintenance plan will be based on requirements to satisfy facility consistent with economic operation.

ACEC’s maintenance philosophy will be based on the principles of:

  • Achieving the maximum availability of the facilities
  • Achieving the maximum efficiency/reliability of the facilities consistent with economic operation
  • Maintaining all facilities and equipment integrity, to reach the expected life
  • Operating in such a manner that the highest levels of safety and environmental protection are met
  • Protecting and preserve the integrity of systems and equipment and environment consistent with the assets performance standards
  • Complying with statutory regulations

The management system which governs operation and maintenance activities will be controlled through written procedures. ACEC will have the flexibility to perform major repairs other than the preventive maintenance day to day repairs outside the camp and/or through subcontracting.

ACEC will provide comprehensive work as follows:

  • Provision of technically competent operations personnel
  • Help Desk services for sports facilities and training center
  • Maintenance of training center
  • Achieve the maximum efficiency/reliability of the facilities consistent with economic operation
  • Equipment and piping monitoring and inspection
  • Shift handovers
  • Ownership and ongoing development of operation/maintenance/inspection strategies and plans
  • Execution of planned maintenance I inspection routines and preventive maintenance
  • Supply and installation of preventive maintenance spare parts and materials, cost of spares will be from account on cost plus 7.5%
  • Provision and operation of computerized system for management of inspection, operation and maintenance activities
  • ACEC will perform all preventive maintenance in accordance with recommendations from the supplier and vendors — including all parts and labor

Preventive maintenance of facilities will also include the following:

  • Repairing cracks in concrete structures and foundation
  • Repairing pot holes on the road caused by normal wear and tear
  • Maintaining ditch profile on the side of roads
  • Replacing batteries
  • Calibrating and setting of equipment

Procurement and Sourcing Solutions

In addition to our various facilities management services, ACEC also offers an array of procurement and strategic sourcing solutions to raise the efficiency of your business’s facilities management projects. ACEC’s strategy is to use our industry and subject matter expertise to help clients achieve performance at higher levels so they can provide sustainable value for their customers and stakeholders. We use our industry and business process knowledge, our service offering expertise and our understanding of emerging and new business technologies and trends to formulate and implement cost effective solutions. Our strategy is focused on helping clients improve their operational performance, deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently, and to help grow their businesses in existing and new markets.We provide our clients highly personalized, industry-based, end-to-end transformational business service solutions that combine our best practice solutions and services to achieve the maximum desired success and transformational capabilities.

Some of our Procurement solutions include: 

  • Turnaround/Shutdown Services
  • Materials Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Warehousing
  • Corporate Services
    • E-Commerce
    • Trading House
  • Maintenance and Operations

Strategic Sourcing through ACEC is proven to:

  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Reduce overall employee costs
  • Lower risk
  • 24/7 communications network for immediate attention
  • Full time on-site manager in your facility
  • Strategic planning insights
  • Innovation
  • Ability to keep mission-critical goals in focus and drive for results

Providing excellent service is the foremost priority at ACEC. Continuously, ACEC measures our performance so that we ensure we are in strict adherence to each client’s facilities management specifications and to quickly correct any deficiencies we may discover. Quality Control and Customer Service is everyone’s business at ACEC.

To compliment our these capabilities, ACEC is a leading provider of RFID technology, consulting, strategic sourcing, project, materials and procurement management, outsourcing and professional services. We provide products and services designed to drive business and operational excellence and help our clients improve their performance and competitive positioning. RFID Track and Trace technology can be used in personnel management, asset and materials tracking, warehousing, etc. and is a simple, modernized way to streamline almost any company processes.

The ACEC organization provides innovative and collaborative solutions, utilizing lean best practices that provide significant value and benefit for our clients. We offer an array of integrated services that combine leading technology with deep sector and subject matter expertise coupled with a strong knowledge and utilization of best practice solutions. Additionally, we work collaboratively to help organizations assess and identify where and how to maximize their performance and help them to achieve their vision by developing and implementing solutions that improve their productivity and efficiency.

The Role of ACEC in Business Relationships

In all customer relationships, ACEC will work with sales and marketing groups to make diversity business development a competitive advantage in your company. Our teams will report diversity purchasing performance to our customers, ensuring that they have a keen understanding of all changes implemented.

When working in our own company’s internal departments, we at ACEC are motivating team players with a focus on identifying problem-solving solutions for your company. Because of this, we report diversity purchasing performance directly to our executive leadership team, assisting the executive leadership wth the formation of minority joint ventures, strategic alliances and diversities. We will also take the lead on training internal departments on diversity business best practices.

Our relationships with the diverse business community exemplify our appreciation and respect for our clients on al projects. The ACEC team will conduct interviews and screen diversity suppliers for your business, report diversity purchasing performance to minority trade associations and manage minority media/public relations on behalf of your company.

Future Expansion

In the process of our expansion, ACEC’s future development plan includes such services as:

  • Building Foundation
  • Footings
  • Pavement – Soil Boring Studies
  • LEED Program Evaluations
  • Radio/Cell Towers & Control Buildings

ACEC is prepared to begin delivering positive results to your company; our team’s ability to quickly integrate into a given culture/project without loosing focus or effectiveness will allow for them to stay committed to strategic and tactical goals. Our tactical ability to deliver results and customer satisfaction is driven by a responsiveness to internal and external customer needs and respect for our clients whether we are doing a simple repair or instillation, or assisting with materials/facility management for a major facility turnaround.