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RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is the most robust and cost-effective technology available for managing or tracking. This technology is transforming many industries by offering real-time visibility into inventory and product movement thus helping to improve productivity and loss prevention. An RFID tag serves the same purpose as a barcode; providing a unique identifier for that object. Yet unlike a barcode, an RFID tag can be scanned wirelessly, without requiring a line of sight. Instead, the RFID tag reader has one or more antennas that emit radio waves and receive signals back from the tag, which consists of a microchip attached to a radio antenna. The reader then relays the information in digital form to the backend software. RFID technology can be used in any industry and any environment where it is necessary to track an object, streamline a process or diffuse a bottleneck.

In 2010, the key factors that drove a significant increase in RFID usage were:

I. Decreased cost of equipment and tags

II. Increased performance to a reliability of 99.9%

III. Stable international standard around UHF (Ultra High Frequency) passive RFID

RFID powered by ACEC

Providing cutting edge solutions and getting involved to the core with its partners by understanding their requirements builds ACEC’s brand equity in the market. Moreover, it increases ACEC’s visibility in designing specific solutions for its clients. Having the largest portfolio of RFID solutions, ACEC is proudly ranked as a marker leader. Being a trusted partner with Fortune 500, ACECG promises:

  • Quickest RFID implementations
  • Lowest TCO (True Cost of Ownership)
  • Enabling end to end integration with ERP systems
  • Ensuring optimum performance
  • Assurance to scalable solutions
  • Shortest turnaround time of customized RFID tags
  • ROI (Return on Investment) in record time

Asset Management

In the past, asset tracking process has always been prone to errors and omissions as it was done by labor intensive inventory processes. Previously, a manual audit or even barcode scanning took too long and presented great challenges to a larger company’s campus, requiring a substantial workforce. Now, more than ever, almost all corporate organizations need to increase the efficiency of asset management processes. ACEC AMS (Asset Management Solution) has facilitated a complete asset management solution for many big names like Siemens and Eros. It allows each company to count and identify assets in a fraction of a second, hence, less labor required.

People Management

ACEC’s tag solution of products is sourced from globally leading suppliers of passive RFID products specializing in the development and high-volume production of HF (High Frequency), NFC (Near Field Communication) and UHF RFID tags and inlays. ACEC’s RFID tags have established innovative solutions for several sectors in a variety of usages. Typically ACEC RFID tags and inlays are used to solve issues for supply chain management, airline baggage handling, industrial logistics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, brand protection, libraries and media management, mass transit and event ticketing, just to name a few examples.

Staff Movement & Activity Reporting Tool

Utilizing ACEC’s Staff Movement & Activity Reporting Tool innovative solution, organizations can easily track employee movements within the facility while they enter and exit their offices. Effective utilization of RFID technology has significantly reduced operational costs in all industries and automating manual logging/swipe cards has resulted in numerous cost and safety benefits to all organizations. In a typical employee dense organization or construction site, several departments logging the movements of many employees around their facility, can be a demotivating and irking task; this stress is compounded when queuing up, especially during lunch breaks and during shift beginning/end.

It’s time to combat swipe queuing, buddy punching and repeated swipe for inter-department movement. Get the freedom to maneuver around the facility without going through the process of being in line to swipe cards for entry/exits. ACEC can make this possible.

Many companies like Emirates Flight Catering have installed the RFID solution that helped them combat and successfully overcome these challenges. We strongly recommend considering implementation of an automated RFID based Staff Movement & Activity Reporting Tool solution in organizations to overcome these challenges.

Trouble Free Movement Without Swipe Card Taps

It is common for typical swipe cards to not read properly at the first instance when swiped; such delays are especially irksome to employees struggling to meet individual deadlines. “Buddy punching” and employee time theft are also on the rise within many organizations due to widespread abuse of the swipe card system. Imagine what a new system roll out could do to the organization.

Understanding the Staff Movement & Activity Reporting Tool


Tackling Emergency Situations and Safety Concerns

Whether it is a manufacturing industry, construction industry or any industry where the working environment may pose a possible risk to the health and safety of the personnel, organizations take extra precautions to keep their work environment safe and their daily operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, despite common measures taken, mishaps and accidents still may occur, often causing severe health risks to employees or even fatalities. The danger of these emergencies is augmented when safety officers are unable to find out the exact location of an injured person due to the enormous facility area.

Utilizing ACEC’s track and trace solutions provides an effective and efficient solution to organizations, helping them manage sensitive issues regarding safety.

With passive RFID installed, the state-of-art technology used by ACEC creates an automated and quick mustering process and people location identification. Taking real-time zone counts of how many persons are in a certain zone at any given time helps to constantly monitor people movement within the facility for the health, safety and wellbeing of the employees. Some of the benefits provided by utilizing the Staff Movement & Activity Reporting Tool personnel management are:

  • No queuing
  • No proxy attendance
  • No duplication of data
  • Instant availability of data & automated data collection
  • Increased efficiency in Health & Safety monitoring
  • No gates, barriers or manual steps required to log personnel movement
  • Flexible architecture to allow for future rollout across new locations and projects
  • Track employee time, overtime, holidays, and absences and minimize payroll processing time
  • Reduce inconsistencies and errors associated with manual time tracking
  • Automated tracking and accounting during mustering and during disaster evacuation.

Track and Trace Items in the Warehouse

Automated warehouses using RFID technology for large manufacturing industries, warehouse and construction projects have seen an average reduction in the time it takes to find materials from 31 minutes to 4 minutes which can result in a significant impact on operational efficiencyproductivityresource management and cost. These studies have also detailed that, typically, materials going into a storage area will be relocated to other locations multiple times throughout the life of the project. This shows that inventory and asset management can be very labor-intensive processes when it comes to accurately tracking the movement of materials and equipment at an active construction site. Utilizing an RFID solution provides the automatic tracking of materials and instantly scans inventory in minutes.

  • Automates data collection & Improved asset visibility
  • Reducing scan time spent conducting an inventory
  • Rugged long-life tags, in comparison to bar code stickers that get destroyed
  • Scan anywhere and anytime using handheld readers
  • Streamlined and accurate inventory management
  • Preventive loss management
  • Enhanced discipline for inventory handling
  • Real time tracking of materials and equipment at the job site
  • Increase utilization, ROI, control & compliance

RFID Technology & Integration

ACEC’s experienced team ensures that a trained project manager is assigned to assist our clients from project outset until the implementation and roll out stage. Our employees dedicate themselves to the thorough understanding of each organization’s data policy and seek to customize their integration as per the company’s IT policy. Our team is experienced and have worked on most widely used ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other in-house systems and are equipped and qualified to handle integrations on any client system. Depending on the client requirements, a passive RFID will be implemented for each project.

Our solution provides any organization control over lost time and productivity, which – if not addressed – can have a significant impact on your company’s profitability and productivity.  For more information regarding how our RFID solution can lower your costs and improve personnel safety and asset management, please contact us below.

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