ACEC Capital Project Management Consulting Services 

ACEC’s Capital Project Management consulting group has extensive experience in coordinating and managing all phases of a major project, including concept, design, construction, procurement, and installation. The group has worked with architects, interior designers, procurement, and logistics specialists to facilitate these types of projects in all industries with a concentration on the healthcare, service, manufacturing, and utility sectors.

In addition to comprehensive oversight, the group brings the following expertise to every major project engagement.

  • Procurement: Expenditure analysis, e-procurement, strategic sourcing, contract development, negotiations and administration
  • Logistics: Sequencing, scheduling and staging of all product deliveries, hoists, loading docks, elevators and installations
  • Lifecycle Management: Consultation focusing on analyzing and determining the useful life of capital assets
  • Asset Tracking: Asset identification, tracking, management and reporting using bar code technology to enhance location reporting and migration control
  • Project Management: Utilization of state of the art software, tools and processes to provide management and coordination and overall project management capability

Major Project Management Services

ACEC’a major project management services include the following:

  • Construction coordination
  • Scheduling, coordinating, and supervising deliveries and installation
  • Validating material takeoffs
  • Managing installation punch-lists
  • Lifecycle management
  • Asset management
  • Expenditure analysis
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Records management
  • Infrastructure analysis and mapping
  • Contract management
  • Fixed asset management
  • Process mapping
  • Government contracts and administration
  • Warehouse and distribution management
  • Inventory management
  • Training and education

In addition, ACEC utilizes Project Management tools that provides both internal and client management visibility and reports to all aspects of the project.

The Right Decision: Our Procurement Process

You grew your business by focusing on your core competencies. Even though you recognize there are savings opportunities in your procurement operations, you also realize you don’t have the time or resources to address them effectively. Today’s dynamic business environment always presents another urgent issue that consumes your full attention and requires more resources than you have available.

So how do you stop the unnecessary drain on your cash flow caused by fragmented supply management functions in your organization? How do you find the opportunities to save? And, where do you start?

You can put these and other questions to rest with the supply management expertise of ACEC Consulting Services. They have all your answers.

ACEC Consulting recommends and implements supply management solutions

      …that provide the results you want.

ACEC Consulting has the expertise and cross-industry experience to find procurement savings opportunities hidden within your organization and implement supply management solutions that produce results that flow straight to your bottom line. ACEC Consulting Services include comprehensive strategic sourcing engagements that drive costs out of the products and services consumed by your organization and provide solutions and services that design and instill best practice processes across your organization that improve productivity. 

The First Step — Identify Cost-saving Opportunities

ACEC offers organizations two options for rapidly identifying the size of saving opportunities and programs for achieving cost reductions.

  1. Rapid Opportunity Assessment: A high-level review of a company’s procurement operations to determine savings potential and priorities
  2. Expenditure Analysis: A comprehensive benchmarking of an organization’s total expenditures to determine if purchasing power is properly leveraged

Rapid Opportunity Assessment

A quick 3 to 5 day assessment of your procurement functions that analyzes your existing contracts and purchasing practices to identify savings opportunities and recommend a course of action. ACEC’s supply management professionals interview your purchasing staff and key business unit managers and review your contracts, budgets and financial reports as well as your internal processes and systems. In a short period of time, you will know if and where there are opportunities to save and a rough estimate of the extent of the savings. We also highlight areas or practices that warrant more focused review.

Expenditure Analysis 

This in-depth consulting service evaluates your total costs and purchasing activities in detail and compares them to benchmarks for your industry. Using our extensive, cross-industry knowledge of direct and indirect materials and services, and your actual expenditure data, our consultants identify and quantify the largest potential improvement opportunities for total cost reductions.

We are able to rapidly provide these answers by using our spend analysis tool which combines and categorizes procurement data directly from your accounts payable systems to pinpoint total expenditures by product category and organization and identify supply base redundancies.

With our supply management expertise we interpret this data rapidly and combine it with our assessment of your business processes and systems to thoroughly analyze your current expenditures. At completion, our consultants answer:

  • How much is being spent?
  • Who buys what from whom?
  • How do your prices compare with industry benchmarks?
  • How much of your purchasing is done using strategically sourced contracts?

Our Expenditure Analysis consulting engagements provide the crucial basis for identifying cost reduction opportunities and setting priorities for strategic sourcing and improvement programs.

Reduce Total Cost of Supply Management

Our supply management professionals apply their domain expertise and change management techniques to implement solutions—faster than any other service provider today. We reduce supply management costs through three types of service engagements:

  1. Strategic Sourcing: Gain best value from contract optimization, product specification definition and competitive sourcing
  2. Process Analysis and Design: Take process costs out of the supply chain
  3. Policy and Organizational Development: Assure best practice processes are implemented and long-term benefits sustained

ACEC’s Process Analysis and Design and Policy and Organizational Development services can be used to address any of the critical process areas of supply management, including strategic sourcing, purchasing, materials handling, inventory management, logistics, accounts payable and supplier and compliance management.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is the key to lowering the costs of products and services. Strategic sourcing involves more than simply negotiating better contracts. ACEC’s strategic sourcing engagements begin with our consultants apply their knowledge of supply management best practices to the specific dynamics of your business and industry. Our consultants examine where to separate traditionally bundled products and services to either bid them individually or use the cost drivers to further our negotiations. Strategic Sourcing activities include:

  • Contract Optimization – determining how to leverage spend to extract the best value from an organization’s existing community of suppliers
  • Specification Definition – developing consistent product and service specifications to support the bidding process and level of quality required by the organization
  • Competitive sourcing – obtaining cost reductions through the bidding process

By consolidating fragmented purchases, introducing alternate sources of supply and negotiating aggressively with current and/or new suppliers, our consultants provide significant savings to our clients, ranging from 10 to 40 percent for targeted products and services.

Process Analysis & Design

Savings also come in the form of new efficiencies. Implementing best practices and streamlining processes take costs out of your organization and result in time savings and increased employee productivity. Our consultants analyze each activity of your supply management operations to understand your current workflow, business structure and procedures. We use this information to:

  • Map existing workflow processes
  • Measure them against best practices
  • Identify and eliminate non value-added activities
  • Map recommended process changes

We then apply best practice processes that save you time and create efficiencies across your organization, accommodating all your requirements. We may suggest technologies such as e-procurement or bar coding that will improve current functions. We build the essential operations infrastructure, facilitated by new process efficiencies that lower the cost of doing business.

Policy and Organizational Development

ACEC Consulting engagements also focus on assuring that people in your organization understand and know how to use the new supply management processes so initial benefits are realized and sustained over time. Once we implement best practice concepts, our consultants employ refined change management skills to work effectively within your organization to instill a culture of ongoing improvement.

An important element of success is Skills Assessment and Training designed to elevate the role of your procurement professionals. Our nationally recognized trainers initiate staff development programs to raise the level of supply management knowledge and teach the skills that will incorporate and sustain the benefits of best practices. ACEC takes responsibility for creating an environment that make continuous procurement improvements routine and ultimately drive ROI higher.

Supply Management Business Processes Managed By ACEC

Supply Management encompasses the traditional procurement functions of strategic sourcing, buying and payment as well as the related tasks of materials handling, inventory management, and logistics. In addition, ACEC Supply Management processes include the associated management of supplier performance and internal customer compliance. ACEC solutions are available for indirect products and services and direct materials.

Also from ACEC

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For more information regarding how our business process assessment solutions can lower your costs and improve your operational efficiency, please contact our team below and our facilities management professionals will give you a response within one business day.

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