Corporate Services


ACEC Corporate Services

In the realm of corporate services, ACEC’s facilities management and procurement professionals bring years of experience and well-tested solutions to the table. Utilizing the modern platform of e-commerce and proven trading house solutions, ACEC is able to streamline your business’s overall materials management and facilities management.

A Quick Look

Basic benefits of using ACEC E-Commerce Solutions:

The modern, fast and efficient way to source through ACEC, our E-commerce solutions are versatile and effective for dynamic bidding and contract management.

  • Contract management suite with unique contract discovery capabilities
  • Available in multiple languages
  • eAuction suite for granular bidding on multiple items simultaneously
  • Replaces the practice of leaving contracts in enterprise silos
  • Ensures the organization of both relevant and comprehensive information

Basic benefits of using ACEC Trading House Solutions:

For low value, low risk goods and services, we want your buying experience to be fast – minimise your administrative works required to place orders and process payments — efficient – minimise waste, in terms of time and effort spent coordinating with CP, and AP, and reliable – timely ordering and payment to vendors.

It’s fast

  • Use of Auto POs
  • Use of SUS, Hubwoo, ERS
  • Do not have to wait for vendor set up
  • Shell staff can focus on more complex (higher spend, higher risk) tasks

It’s efficient

  • Supplier consolidation
  • Pre-negotiated pricing
  • Standard ordering processing
  • Low touch RtP process

It’s reliable

  • Vendor performance being managed
  • KPIs in place
  • Regular audits conducted